Garcia: Student Support Services still active

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is seeking to assure the population that the Student Support Services Division (SSSD) of the Ministry remains highly operational and its Special Education staff, Clinical Psychologists, Behavioral Specialists, Guidance Counsellors and School Social Workers continue to deliver critical services to students and parents on a daily basis.

Independent Senator Paul Richards, during his contribution to the Senate debate on Tuesday on a Motion to Approve Regulations on the Children’s Community Residences (Rehabilitation Centres) 2018, claimed that the Student Support Services Division of the Ministry is “shut down.”

But in a statement issued Thursday, Minister Garcia refuted these claims saying; “The Children’s Community Residences can make referrals to Student Support Services, for diagnostic assessments and intervention as per the existing referral processes, through the School which the student attends. Residences can also submit requests directly to Student Support Services Division at the various Education District offices. Meanwhile, parents can also visit the Education District offices or the Education Towers (Ministry’s Head Office) to initiate any request.”

The statement adds that the Student Support Services Division continues to ensure that all students are effectively supported in their process of learning by the administering of financial grants to Private Special Schools, Concessions for students with Special Needs, interventions to support individual and groups of students after critical incidents.

“The Division has been working continuously to aid students in a multitude of ways, so that each child has an equal opportunity to access our education system and build upon their potential,” said Minister Garcia.  

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