Griffith promises to lockdown Tobago

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says he will "lockdown" Tobago so that the nation can be safer.

Speaking at the Scarborough Police headquarters during his maiden visit as Police Commission earlier today, Griffith said he will increase the number of patrols, install an emergency number for a quicker response time, ensure greater visibility of security services personnel, introduce tourism safety-related measures and build an operation command centre on the island.

"A safer Tobago will ensure a safer Trinidad. Instead of trying to utilise more resource from Trinidad into Tobago that can actually make Trinidad less safe, we can have Tobago under lockdown as good as it is," he said.

Griffith said he plans to visit all police stations on the island to speak with the officers and get first-hand knowledge of their situation. He said his aim is to improve the level of policing in Tobago.

Reminded that Tobago does not have an emergency number to report criminal activity, Griffith said the situation will be addressed. 

"I promise you there will be a change to that. The same concept that will be in Trinidad shortly, you will see in Tobago. Persons will be able to make a call and we will pinpoint that call," he said.

Griffith added: "The vehicles that will be in close proximity to that call will respond immediately. That will be linked to the operational command centre."

Asked about the practicality of his plans, the Commissioner said his "skeptics" should look at his performance since he was appointed.

"Look at how we dealt with the earthquake when the country was totally locked down . . . the day of rest and relaxation, when last did they see a kidnapping?" he asked.

- by Camille Mceachnie

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