Hail falls in Martinique

Media outlets in Martinique are reporting the “very rare” phenomenon of hailstones falling on the Island.

New outlet France-Antilles reports that the event took place on Monday afternoon mainly in the areas of François and Lamentin.

Météo-France has confirmed the event and has described it as “exceptional”.

It said the phenomenon is linked to very dense vertical movement of water drops that go up and down.

It notes that combined with cold air from the American continent, these drops arrive on the ground in the form of hail.

It also said heavy rains, which caused widespread flooding in Martinique on Monday, have contributed to the bizarre phenomenon.

In March 2016 the same phenomenon took place in Saint-Claude in Guadeloupe.

Hailstones are small lumps of ice that form in clouds and fall to the ground when their size reaches 5 mm in diameter or larger. They begin as water droplets that freeze in the clouds.

Photo courtesy France-Antilles.