HDC's Health and Safety officers to assess Maloney building

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) says its Health and Safety Officers will conduct an assessment of the building where an 11-year-old child fell in Maloney today.

The HDC issued a statement today saying it is in receipt of information related to the child at its Maloney Gardens housing community.

It says that according to the reports it received, the girl climbed on to the railing of her fourth floor, Building 15 apartment and fell four levels.

The incident occurred early Monday afternoon. 

It is believed that the child may have had a developmental disorder.

"We are deeply saddened and wish to extend our sincerest condolences to the family of the deceased. Officers from our Social and Community Services Department have been dispatched to the scene of the incident and our Health and Safety officers will visit to conduct an assessment," the HDC said.


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