Husband claims wife abducted

It’s been a week since mother of seven Kunti Deopersad went missing and her family is worried sick that she may have been kidnapped.

This after her husband, Tilkee Gopaul, received a call from her saying that she was snatched by four men.

Gopaul, 61, of Oropouche South Trace, Barrackpore said he has not been able to eat or sleep since he heard his wife’s distress call.

The couple had been together for 23 years and Gopaul said he was very concerned about her safety. He said that Deopersad, 39, suffered from a skin condition and left home on March 20 to go to the Princes Town Health facility.

Gopaul, who is retired from the Princes Town Regional Corporation said when Deopersad failed to come home, he went to the Barrackpore Police Station that same night to lodge a missing person’s report.

However, he was advised to go to the Princes Town to make a report which he later did.

Around midday, on March 21, Gopaul said he received a call from his distressed wife who said she and another woman had been abducted. She said they were walking along the road close to the health facility when a car pulled up and four men snatched them.

The distressed mother said she did not know where she was being kept. The call was later cut and Gopaul said he tried calling back several times but there was no answer.

Police later traced the call and found it was made from a location in San Fernando. However, no further contact was made with the family. Gopaul said they were not wealthy and did not have money to pay a ransom.

Gopaul said he wanted the police to take the matter seriously and locate his wife. Members of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit was supposed to contact the family but never did, Gopaul said.

Her daughter, Savi, said she did not think her mother abandoned them. She said they did not have any disagreements. Another relative, who requested anonymity, said that Gopaul and Deopersad lived together for 24 years in a common-law union. He said she was close with her family and Deopersad was not the type to lime and party.

“We are very sure she did not leave home on her own. She would never leave her husband and children. She is not that kind of woman. She is a devoted wife and mother,” the relative said.

Police said yesterday that the matter was under investigation and they could not divulge any details.

Anyone with information on Deopersad’s whereabouts can contact Crimestoppers at 800-TIPS.