India Today clears the air - he's not Kuwait's richest man

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 00:15

A news agency in India has been forced to run a fact-check disclaimer after a viral photo of late Chaguanas businessman Sheron Sukhdeo was mistaken for the richest man in Kuwait.

The photo used in the viral post was taken at Sukhdeo's funeral, with his body bearing several gold chains in an open casket.

The IndiaToday website published an article Wednesday titled, "Fact Check: Viral photo of bling funeral is not of Kuwait's richest man".

It stated: "Facebook user "Suraj Kiran Travels" posted nine pictures with the caption, "The richest man in Kuwait Nassi Al Kharki has passed away. Check out his treasures and assets.... He can't carry a single thing with him. This is a grim reminder to all."

The article went on to state: "One of the photos shows a man lying in a coffin wearing gold jewellery. The other pictures are of a box of glittering stones, gold bullion and bars, golden bed and accessories, jet, yacht and car, glittering stairs and bundles of dollar notes.
India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found the post to be misleading. The man in the coffin was actually a millionaire real estate mogul from Trinidad and Tobago. Also, as claimed in the post, "Nassi Al Kharki" is not the richest man in Kuwait."

The website said it used reverse image search on all the pictures in the post to allow it to dispel the rumours.

"Several international media such as "Mail Online" and "Metro" reported about the extravagant funeral of a man in Trinidad and Tobago," it said, adding, "As per these reports, 33-year-old millionaire real estate mogul Sheron Sukhedo was gunned down in a drive-by shooting. He was doused in Moet champagne before being cremated and then laid in a gold casket with jewellery worth $100,000."

The richest man of Kuwait in 2019 as per a survey by "Forbes" magazine is Kutayba Alghanim. He is the chairman of Alghanim Industries.