International: Police officer shoots at actor mistaken for robber after 911 call

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 09:30

Police bodycam footage shows the moment an officer opened fire on an actor filming a robbery scene for a low-budget movie after a 911 call.

It shows Sgt. Matt Schroeter discharging his weapon in the direction of a masked man outside a pub in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Police responded to a 911 call about an armed robbery in progress, with the officer repeatedly shouting “drop the gun” before firing a single shot, which missed the actor.

The actor, who has been named by local media as Jeff Duff, responded: “We’re doing a movie!”

“Excuse me?” the officer asked in response.

The Crawfordsville Police Department later said the “subject did not immediately comply with the officer's commands and raised the gun pointing it at the officer” during the September incident.  

“Officers later determined that the firearm was a movie prop and that the subject was part of a movie being filmed at the time of the incident,” they added.

“Those filming the movie had not notified authorities they would be shooting in area business and on public thoroughfares.”

Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton said he had the “utmost confidence” in his officers and their “split-second response to the situation with which they found themselves faced”.

“We were very fortunate that this did not have a tragic outcome and we greatly appreciate the support we have received from the community as officers and those involved work through the emotional impact of these events,” he added.