Kunti: Frustration made me fake kidnapping

Barrackpore mother Kunti Deopersad yesterday apologised for lying about being kidnapped last month, claiming instead that frustration made her flee her home.

When Deopersad, 39, called her husband, claiming she had been abducted, she said did not think it would have been "blow up like this."

With her eyes puffy and red from crying yesterday, Deopersad, who was "missing" for seven days said, "I was not thinking. I know it was wrong for me to do that. I want to say I am sorry."

Speaking at her Oropouche South Trace home, the mother of seven was still a bit reluctant to be interviewed because "the kind of things they writing and saying about me is not true." Tilkee Gopaul, 61, reported his wife missing after she left home on March 20 to go to the Princes Town Health Facility and did not return. He subsequently received a call from Deopersad claiming she had been abducted by four men.

Last Tuesday, however, she returned to her husband and children with a remarkable story about her ordeal and “escape” from her "kidnappers."

In recounting her supposed ordeal, Deopersad claimed she was locked in a room with another woman and her abductors did not ill treat them. She said the abductors fed her roti and chow mein because she told them she was a vegetarian. She also said the four men kept them blinded folded most of the time. She said when the abductors left the room the other woman took out a hairpin and together they picked the lock and both of them made a successful dash for freedom.

Yesterday, however, Deopersad admitted she confessed to the police that she had made up the story and was staying with a man whom she had a relationship with. She did not want to give details about why she left her home, but said, "I was frustrated. I just made a mistake. The part about people saying my husband hit me, my husband never hit me."

Asked why she returned home if she was frustrated, Deopersad said she did so for her children.

Deopersad, who has been living with her husband since she was 17, said she will try to mend the damage done to her family by her actions. Their children, six girls and a boy, range between 13 and 22, but only five of the children live with them.

Deopersad complained that the comments being made on social media, on television and the newspapers were very hurtful and also affecting her children.

"It very hurtful. It is very sad what they saying, people are saying all kind of nasty things," she said.

She appealed to the public to stop the crude remarks and cruel jokes.

"I want everybody to stop publishing what they are saying about me and on social media to," she said.

Told there were reports that investigations were still ongoing on whether she will be charged, Deopersad said the police told her she did "nothing wrong" and she will not be charged.

Her husband, who retired from the Princes Town Regional Corporation as a supervisor, said he was happy to have his wife back home, but the incident had left him hurt and distressed.

"I doing labourer work now just to make sure my family have everything they want. Since this thing, 18 days now I cannot sleep and eat good," he said, although he admitted the relationship with his wife has been strained since she returned home.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Sascha Wilson)

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