Lee Sing anxious over Pandays’ meeting

Former PNM minister Mariano Browne has been invited to the upcoming meeting involving the Basdeo Panday family which will explore new political possibilities - but he says he will be out of T&T.

However, ex-mayor Louis Lee Sing, says he would attend the meeting if he was invited.

Browne yesterday confirmed that he had been invited.

“But I already had something on overseas,” he added.

Browne declined to comment on the May 20 meeting.

Former prime minister Basdeo Panday and his daughter Mickela will spearhead the meeting at Gaston Court, Chaguanas.

Panday said it was being held by a number of young people who want to seek a direction, politically.

It is widely speculated the meeting - open to the public - is being held to assess possible chances for a new political party and for Mickela Panday to lead this. On Tuesday, Panday didn’t rule out a new party being formed.

Lee Sing said, “If I get an invitation I’ll attend. Anything that represents the possibility of a better political future for T&T remains of interest to me,” he said.

“Mr Panday still has an important role to play in the politics of T&T and I think the same applies to Ms Panday,” he said.

“As to whether she is the best person to take T&T in a direction of peace, harmony and stability and offer the country discipline, tolerance and productivity, is left to be seen. So we have to be cautious on how we move from where we are as we have - time and again - jumped from the frying pan into the fire,” Lee Sing said.

Lee Sing added, “Many people have leadership aspirations. But it’s not about being able to get up and talk and ramajay, as we’ve seen a lot of that with (Prime Minister) Keith Rowley over the years. It’s much deeper than that.”

“I hope any group prepared to present a challenge to T&T to do something better, will certainly demand of itself the best leadership it can give. So I commend all who summon troops or engage people in a possibility that offers better governance,” he said.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Gail Alexander)