Machel Monday kicks off last week of Carnival with roughly 90 fetes left

Monday, February 20, 2017 - 10:15

It's the Monday before Carnival and believe it or not, there are roughly 90 fetes left.

Yet, there is only one on tonight - Machel Monday.

But why? Why is it that big promoters never seek to throw fetes on the Monday before Carnival since Machel Monday began?

Firstly, there's a high probability of making a loss by trying to compete with what has been the biggest annual party in T&T for many years.

There's no argument, love him or hate him, Machel Montano draws the biggest Carnival crowds and Machel Monday is the pinnacle of all events because few have been able to match the lengthy on-stage quality that it brings.

It's important to note too, that it's not a fete and therefore attracts a wider cadre of people than the average party. It's a soca concert that brings together big names in the industry together with some very popular international acts as well.

It has its faults. Many complain about the high prices of tickets where food and drinks are not provided; the apparent failure to give proper attention to toilet facilities for the massive crowds; and long lines at drinks stalls. But the thousands come back year after year after year. 

And there's another reason why promoters tend not to compete with Machel Monday - the limited resources to host competing fetes.

Because of the size of the event, Machel Monday is known to attract most of the big providers of sound systems, lighting, flooring, scaffolding, security and other elements that go into a Carnival event.

Any other event on Machel Monday is not guaranteed to attract the best service providers. That, coupled with the fact that competing fetes are not guaranteed to draw crowds big enough to make a profit, often cause promoters to shy away.

But for those who don't care much about Machel Monday, there is no shortage of fetes and other events to attend before the Parade of the Bands on Monday and Tuesday - roughly 90.

There are nine on Tuesday, including Kes "Tuesday on the Rocks", 11 on Wednesday including, Destra's Festival of Bacchanal and another 11 on Thursday, including Tribe Ignite and Ceasar's Army's AM Beach.

Then comes the weekend with 20 on Friday, which include the Soca Monarch competition, YUMA Fahrenheit and Blue Range Cooler Fete.

Saturday is host to another 20 events including SUITS Cooler Cruise, Insomnia and Jamboree and Sunday has 19 events, including Brian Lara All Inclusive, Moka Sunday, Soaka Street Festival, Shade and Vale Vibe.

Our count of approximately 90 does not include the traditional Carnival events, which when added, would take the number of events before Carnival Monday and Tuesday, to well over 100.