Massive anaconda kills caiman in Aripo

A worker at the Aripo Lifestock Station took a short walk to a pond to relieve himself around 10 am Monday when he came across a startling discovery.

A 12-foot anaconda was just about to have itself a meal, on 7-foot caiman and was applying the final act of constriction before it prepared to swallow the animal whole.

The worker called other workers who began recording video via their cell phones.


One of them used a piece of wood to prod at the animals and the anaconda then made an escape leaving the dead caiman.

Animal Health Assistant Neshal Rampersad told us that while they are accustomed to seeing Macaquel snakes, they never saw an anaconda there before.

President of the Zoological Society Guptee Lutchmedial says the anaconda could very well have over-estimated his appetite.

He tells Guardian Media that the caiman is a normal part of the anaconda diet. 

He added that the anaconda will sometimes eat a large caiman and die in the process because they can’t digest an animal that size.

The Anaconda is the world's largest snake and is found in parts of South America and in Trinidad and Tobago.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Yohann John.








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