Minister describes viral video of Venezuelans coming ashore as 'disturbing'

Minister of National Security Stuart Young has described a video showing what appears to be Venezuelan nationals being smuggled into this country, as disturbing.

But Minister Young says the authorities are working on increasing border protection.

The video is believed to have been shot in Los Iros.

It shows several people arriving by boat near a fishing village, making a dash inland with bags in their hands.

The boat then speeds off.

It is not clear when the video was shot but it began circulating on social media on Monday.

“I have seen the video and raised the content, as well as the implications, with the material arms of National Security. As Minister of National Security I have asked that more resources and attention be dedicated to border protection. The video is a disturbing example of what is taking place," Minister Young told CNC3.

He added: "I am taking a number of initiatives to Cabinet which are directed at tackling this situation of our borders being too porous. It is an area of concern which is being addressed."

The minister said that following the video, authorities have detained a number of persons in that Los Iros area in Erin who appear to be illegal immigrants and they are currently detained and being processed.

Trinidad and Tobago is a major destination for Venezuelans as the economy of the South American country is badly crippled.

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