Nalini Dial writes the queen and you wouldn't believe how social media responds

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 20:00

A letter written by activist Nalini Dial to the Secretary of British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, has triggered off a wave of mockery on social media.

Dial wrote a letter complaining about the crime situation in the country.


However, she managed to appeal to the humourous side of scores of social media users, who have now adopted the hashtag #writethequeen as a form of mockery.

Local Twitter users have been using the hashtag to humourously discuss different scenarios that should require a letter to the queen.

We've listed a few:

* Maxi drivers blowing their horns at you but they full #writethequeen

* Everyone liming near your car because you're a popular DJ, but no one saw who set it on fire? #writethequeen

* Scalpers charging $1500 for fete tickets that cost $300. #writethequeen

* Doubles is $5 transport is $5 I could get my current salary in pounds? #WriteTheQueen

* Flow down since last week #writethequeen

* Want the speed limit increased from 80kmh to 120kmh #writethequeen

* Our local artistes gone quite Guyana to quarrel? #WriteTheQueen

* Ain't get paid yet? #WriteTheQueen

* Iwer sing the same song for 5 years #writethequeen

* Presidential powers we know and don't know #WriteTheQueen

* Sat talking chupidness #writethequeen

* 80kmh a prob. Switch to carriage or nah? #writethequeen 

Dial says the decision to write the letter came in the recent wake of the recent killing of two police officers and a soldier last week in separate incidents and circulated voice notes on social media warning members of the public of a bomb threat to the malls and the nation’s schools.

The following is her full letter addressed to the Queen's Secretary: 

"Dear Sir,

We sincerely send wishes to Her Majesty The Queen - that she continue to enjoy good health on celebrating Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.

However, it is unfortunate that at this time when the United Kingdom is joyful and happy, we in Trinidad and Tobago feel a sense of deep regret, hopelessness and helplessness.

According to one commentator, “Trinidad & Tobago is now living on a steady diet of crime, murder and mayhem. After seven (7) months of governance by the current political party, today citizens are more scared for their lives and not even the present economic decline and loss of jobs are of concern to them, as the lawlessness that now engulfs our nation”.

It in this context that we have been moved to correspond with The Queen, given this urgent situation in Her Majesty’s former colony, which is still a committed member of the Commonwealth of Nations – having been host to Her Majesty in 2009 for the then Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held in Port-of-Spain.

We, as members of civil society, have recognised that there seems to be no active crime plan by our Government to control and treat with the epidemic of crime. We are very concerned that our safety and security will become worse if this plague is not addressed immediately and genuinely. We also concede that our major institutions governing Security/ Safety, Education, Health, Social Services, Economy and Politics are failing.

There seems to be no will of any Political Party, past or present, to truly take the necessary steps to rid our land of this epidemic – in no small part due to the fact that they believed to be beneficiaries of financing from persons who are themselves linked to money-laundering and the illicit drug trade.
Whom can we, the citizens, now turn to for help, and whom can we, as women, turn to when we see frequent, horrendous crimes being perpetrated against our womenfolk?

During his press conference held recently concerning delays in the Criminal Justice system, a former Attorney General, Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, S.C. said: “…members of civil society have a duty to intervene and do something about this scandalous state of affairs. We have an important role to play to: To make government account; to put pressure on government; and to make our voices heard.”

This is what we are doing here. We know that in the past, our government had worked hand in hand with the Attorney General of Great Britain, Canada and the U.S.A.

Therefore, we are taking it upon ourselves to appeal to Her Majesty to approach Her Majesty’s Government to offer its expertise and advice in crime-fighting to our Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Keith Rowley and his Government. It cannot be disputed that a Government which cannot protect its citizens is failing in its first and foremost responsibility to the citizens.

We humbly thank you for allowing us to use this medium to express our fear, frustration and disappointment as to our present circumstances. We would like to let you know that this letter will also be forwarded to both local and international media.

We stand ready to be included in any discussion and/or action plans that may be necessary."