New airline to service Trinidad-Tobago airbridge soon

A new airline is in the making to compete with Caribbean Airlines on the Trinidad and Tobago airbridge.

The airline is to be called Tobago Airways and the businessmen behind it are seeking to attract investors.

The airline's website, has a countdown that currently shows 29 days with a headline, "Something new and exciting is coming soon".

A proposal being issued to investors names the airline's Chief Executive Officer as Raymond McMillan.

He told CNC3 that they are hoping to meet the launch date of just about one month from now, once office and staffing issues are cleared.

He said they are currently going through the process of finalising the necessary approvals.

McMillian says two aircraft will be put into service, both of which have already been sourced.

The Tobago Airways CEO did not go into deep detail, saying a media statement will be issued soon, but he did add that the plan for the airline also includes the establishment of an aviation school in Tobago where potential pilots can learn on fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

The proposal sent to investors states that the airbridge has been a sour-point for over 30 years. 

It states that while the pace of development in Tobago has increased over the last five years, the difficulty in getting to Tobago defeats all the investments, resulting in the entire economy being frustrated.

It states: "The recent press release from the existing carrier Caribbean Airlines (CAL), stated that with a 30 minutes delay, their performance was at 86 percent (above industry standards). One then wonders why almost on a weekly basis, do we have passengers stranded and having to overnight at the airport after waiting for hours on end, for a 20 minutes flight."

It says a simple shift in the ability of citizens to get to Tobago can cause an economic explosion on the island.

"The answer is simply another carrier to meet the demand left unsatisfied by CAL, providing the confidence for individuals to travel, enjoy Tobago and return to their respective destinations reliably and on time," the proposal states.

It states that the team is one of energetic and dynamic citizens who have come together to make a difference in complimenting CAL's efforts in bringing passengers to Tobago.

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