Newly formed Counselling Association promises to help address country's ills

Saturday, February 4, 2017 - 13:30

A new association representing counsellors have been formed and has vowed to do what it can to fix the ills of this country by working to better the lives of citizens.

The Counselling Association of Trinidad and Tobago (CATT) was formally launched on Wednesday at a ceremony held at th auditorium of the Naparima College.

It will be a professional body setting standards and a code of conduct for councellors across the country and will seek to address the rise in domestic violence, child abuse, poverty and crime and drug abuse.

Among its aims is to promote understanding and awareness of counselling throughout society, and increase the availability of trained and supervised counsellors.

CATT will propose long-term alternatives to a growing epidemic of teenage pregnancy, marriage and family issues, stress, incest, rape, terminal illness, depression and suicide, in and out of the workplace.

It will provide individuals and groups with the skills, awareness and knowledge, which will enable them to confront social inadequacy and will seek the passage of legislation through lobbying with the government, with transparency and professionalism, to offer funding for social support.

Among it's many objectives, it will also seek to assist in generating awareness which will impact progressively upon the social functioning of communities in Trinidad and Tobago and will be instrumental in ensuring that counsellors continually be mindful of their obligation to monitor and develop their competence by developing establish ethical codes of practice.

The chairman of the new association is Dr Hassim Ali.

Other representative on the board include Sandra S-Jaggernauth (pubic relations officer), Jessica Sirju, Farah Ali, Trishana Bramadath, Nazreen TajMohammed, Sally Mohammed, Stacy Pacheco and Edward Richards.