No bail again for 'Sunday'

An employee of the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), accused of counselling alleged gang leader Ancil "Chemist" Villafana, has been again denied bail. 

Akido "Sunday" Williams, 39, of Basilon Street, East Dry River, was initially denied bail when he appeared before acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates' Court, on Wednesday, as police could not provide her with an up-to-date criminal record for him, to determine whether he fell under the provisions of the Bail Amendment Act. 

When the case came up for hearing before her, this afternoon, Antonine ruled that the legislation, which precludes bail to repeat offenders charged with serious offences, did not apply as police did not provide evidence that two pending charges for robbery with violence from 1998, resulted in convictions for Williams as claimed during the first hearing. 

However, Antoine decided to deny him bail based on the serious nature of the charge, which carries a 25-year sentence upon conviction, and the possibility that he may flee to avoid prosecution. 

Antoine advised Williams of his right to apply to a judge for bail and adjourned his case to November 14. 

Williams is accused of providing instructions or guidance to Villafana in furtherance of his (Villafana) involvement in gang-related activity. 

The offence is alleged to have occurred in November, last year, in Beetham Gardens and at other unnamed locations. He was not called upon to plead to the charge, which was laid indictably. 

On October 1, Villafana aka "Presi", Kevon Isaiah Franklyn, and Keedel Fabian Montrose were denied bail after appearing in court for providing support to a gang. 

Villafana and Franklyn were also charged with being gang leaders. 

Prosecutors attempted to have the trio denied bail based on the bail legislation but were denied by Chief Magistrate Maria Busby-Earle-Caddle as they did not have convictions for scheduled offences. 

However, Busby-Earle-Caddle denied them bail based on claims that they may attempt to intimidate witnesses in their case. 

The trio is expected to reappear before Busby-Earle-Caddle on November 29. 

Derek Achong

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