Over 1000 retrenched since September last year

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 20:00

Since September of last year, at least 1046 people lost their jobs in the private sector. 

Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus told the Parliament that some 846 workers had been sent home, as she answered a question from the Opposition about retrenchments since September 2015.

But she said those 846 employees did not include the 200 Centrin workers who were recently sent home, and ArcelorMittal workers who are temporarily laid off.

With Centrin included, that takes the figure to at least 1046.

The Minister told Parliament today they are currently calculating how many people were sent home in the public sector.

Minister Baptiste-Primus says a company is only obligated by law to report to the Ministry of Labour, when five or more people are being retrenched.

She says the total number of people retrenched could be higher when one takes into consideration those who were retrenched in numbers smaller than five and not known to the Ministry.

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