Over $2.5 million spent on medical bills for Maxie Cuffie

The Government has spent close to $2.5 million TT dollars already on the medical bills for Minister of Public Administration and Communications, Maxie Cuffie.

The figure was revealed in the House of Representatives today by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley in reply to questions by the Opposition.

Dr Rowley said Cuffie was first admitted to the St Clair Medical Centre where his medical expenses amounted to TT$980,263.

He said the doctors at St Clair advised that he would recover much faster if he was treated abroad.

The Prime Minister said the air ambulance incurred a fee of US$46,000 (approx TT$312,800) and a stroke recovery programme cost the state US$171,000 (approx TT$1,162,800).

That makes for a total of around TT$2,455,000.

The prime minister said he has made considerable progress and is likely to return to T&T in the near future and that an assessment will be made of his ability to continue as a minister.




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