Overnight vigil at Parliament

by Anna-Lisa Paul

A protest that started outside the Queen's Park Oval on Thursday evening has grown into an overnight vigil outside the Parliament Chamber, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.

At 11 pm there were scores of people gathered including a large contingent of residents from Beetham Gardens.

With chants of "Rowley must go" and "they taking all we jobs and we women," the largely calm crowd was being carefully monitored by officers from the Guard and Emergency Branch.

Checks with officers on site revealed that additional law enforcement personnel were called out from the Central Police Station to assist in keeping a watchful eye on those at the Parliament.

Although slight showers sent many seeking cover at nearby buildings and government offices, the crowd which is comprised of mainly young men and women have vowed to spend the night. 

The protestors vowed to vote the current administration out of office as they believe they have been sold out by allowing the registration of Venezuelan migrants. 

"We don't want them no more. They have sold us out," they shouted. 

One of the women present who declined to provide her name indicated her presence was not politically motivated. 

Instead, she claimed to be concerned about the lack of stringent medical and security checks on the migrants who have continued to arrive in T&T.

She said she was angered by the additional burdening of the country’s health care systems, schools and the housing sector.

As some members of the crowd left, more continued to trickle in outside the Parliament Chamber.

The protesters are being told to return by 6 am as the protest continues.

- by Anna Lisa Paul

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