Padarath slams Education Minister for failing to build Princes Town primary school

Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath is criticising Education Minister Anthony Garcia for not building the Princes Town Presbyterian No. 1 Primary School.

Padarath insisted in a media statement issued Wednesday, that Garcia is practicing politics of spite and discrimination against the children and people of Princes Town.

He said he held several meetings with the PTA and officials of the Ministry of Education on the reconstruction of the school and thereafter the Ministry demolished the dilapidated structure last year.

Further, he added, on February 21st 2017, he facilitated a meeting with the President of the PTA as well as an official of the school to meet with Minister Garcia at the Parliament.

It was at that meeting Minister Garcia assured that the school would be rebuilt in the next financial year.

The Princes Town MP said he raised the matter again when the budget was presented and he saw that the Princes Town Presbyterian No.1 School was not among the schools listed for construction in the budget documents.

He stated it was at that point Garcia changed his tune saying that there were no available funds. Since then, the MP has filed motions and questions in the Parliament on this matter to prod government into building the school.

According to the media statement, on January 19th 2018, when the Electoral College met to elect the new President, Padarath used the opportunity again to hold discussions with Minister Garcia on the matter.

Padarath stated that Garcia told him that the “Princes Town Presbyterian School No.1 was not a priority of this government.”

Padarath has vowed to continue his agitation for a new school for the students of Princes Town Presbyterian School No.1. 


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