Path cleared for inspection of commercial vehicles at private stations

Government has amended the necessary adjustments to allow for commercial vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 3,200 kgs to be inspected at private inspection stations.

The Ministry of Works and Transport issued the following statement on Tuesday.

"The national community is reminded of Government’s decision on July 5, 2018, to grant a five (5) month moratorium to drivers and owners of motor vehicles to allow sufficient and reasonable time to ensure that their vehicles are lawfully inspected in accordance with the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations.

The Ministry wishes to confirm that consistent with the decision of Cabinet, the Honourable Minister of Works and Transport has signed an Order which was published as Legal Notice No.99 dated July 23, 2018.

This Order amends the Regulations to allow Commercial/ Goods Vehicles with a Maximum Gross Weight of 3200kg that are two (2) years old or more, from the date of manufacture, to be inspected, biennially, at approved private inspection stations throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

The Ministry continues to work with the Licensing Authority to facilitate the approval of private inspection stations that are conveniently located and equipped to undertake this responsibility.

This initiative is intended to reduce congestion at our Licensing Offices and to offer citizens more convenient options for vehicle inspection.

The Ministry encourages registered owners and drivers of motor vehicles to embrace this opportunity by ensuring that their vehicles are inspected in accordance with law and to continue to work with us and all our stakeholders in the interest of road safety for all of our fellow citizens.

The Ministry will continue to work on initiatives that are geared towards modernising the current system of vehicle inspections in Trinidad and Tobago and the national community will be updated on these initiatives in the near future."

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