Pennywise denies treating workers unfairly

Cosmetics store Pennywise is refuting claims circulating online that it unfairly treats its workers.

In fact, the company says the statements being made are defamatory and were created by a fake profile in order to tarnish the company's reputation.

Earlier this week, a Facebook post claimed workers of the company forced workers to stand for long hours, their bathroom breaks were monitored and the company failed to make national insurance payments.

However, pennywise says the accusations are malicious and unfounded.

It says the person who published the post has never worked at the cosmetics company and cautioned members of the public about believing everything they read. 

It did say, however, that employees do have to stand for several hours during the day given the nature of the job.

And it says people have to sign in to use the toilets because of vandalism.

Pennywise says it strives to create a healthy, safe and enjoyable work environment for all employees

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