Phillip Alexander tells supporters he's leaving politics

Leader of the People's Empowerment Party (PEP), Phillip Alexander, has told Facebook followers that he is leaving politics.

Alexander, whose party lost its deposits in both the Barataria and Belmont East bye-elections, insists he wants no public office but says he will continue to serve where he can.

"Along the way many good people came together and did many good things, both in charity through the Jericho Project, and in politics in what eventually became the Progressive Empowerment Party, two organisations of which i will be eternally proud. But all good things come to an end, and I am more than comfortable with what we have accomplished in the time," Alexander said on his Facebook page.

He added: Many have heard me say that i was not seeking public office and took it as just another politician saying what needed to be said, but i meant it then, and i mean it now. I want no public office. My role in life for the rest of my life will be to serve wherever i can. This is being written to give everyone a proper heads up that whatever political career i might have had is coming to a close, and over the next three months i plan to complete the transfer of any and all benefits, measures, equity, ownership and controls. There will be time enough for reminiscing and goodbyes, in the meantime, let us continue to build a better nation for all with our words, actions and intentions."

He added that the baton would be passed to someone who is capable of taking the party further than even he envisioned.

His post suggests he is also giving up the leadership of an organisation he has led known as the Jericho Project.

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