PM: 13,900 migrants registered so far

Prime Minister Rowley said as of 10:30 last night, 13,900 migrants have registered at the three registration centres across the country.

The disclosure came as he answered questions from the Opposition in the Lower House this morning.

Today is the culmination of a two-week registration period in which Venezuelan migrants have been mandated by Government to declare their presence, in exchange for a special registration card and clearance to work for one year.

Rowley also told parliamentarians that any migrant who is in the line when registration closes later today will be identified and given instructions to return over the weekend to complete the process.

The Opposition also asked whether the government has a migrant policy beyond the registration exercise to meet its international treaty obligations. 

"The Government is not prepared to open any refugee camp in Trinidad and Tobago to please anybody," Rowley insisted. 

"These are matters that persons in Trinidad and Tobago must understand require a balancing act and Madame Speaker, the energy coming to me from the other side is in keeping with statements that they have been making that there are 40,000 and 60,000 migrants here," Rowley said, as he slammed the UNC Opposition for spreading "misinformation." 

He accused the Opposition of being part of a pressure campaign along with international organisations to make Trinidad and Tobago into a migration camp.

Reporter: Faine Richards

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