PM: Security breach has put "children of Attorney General" under threat

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 13:15

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says a national security officer has created a major security breach that has put the lives of the "children of the Attorney General" under threat, by releasing photos of two children holding weapons.

Although Attorney General Faris Al Rawi has not admitted that the children in the photos released in Parliament by Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal were his, the Prime Minister made a link while speaking during the Budget debate in the House of Representatives Wednesday afternoon.

He blamed Dr Roodal Moonilal for putting the children at risk by opening them up "to the world".

"If the facts are as they are, that those children were under the supervision and control of the State's security services, and those children were photographed by elements of the State's security services and that members of Parliament put them open to the world, two things happened here," he said.

"The officer who would have taken that picture and to have publicised it as part of the work going on at Camp Cumuto, that officer would have breached a level of security and has created a threat for the children of the Attorney General," he said.​

The Prime Minister also said he wanted to ask Dr Moonilal since when his eyes were opened so clearly.

"When the member of parliament was in a hotel in Cascade, sniffing and snorting and talking and the whole world knew who the minister was, you didn't know but the back of a photograph, the back of a child, you know who it is now?" he asked.


He added: "I want to appeal to those fortunate persons who are in our security system, especially those who are charged with the responsibility of protecting officers of state and their families, that they have a duty and they must have some respect for the job that they carry out," Dr Rowley added.

"Because if it is that you lose confidence in the people around you who are to safeguard you from those who would want to harm you, I rather be without them you know. Because passing that information to an Opposition person to come and buss-a-mark in the Parliament is meant to harm and if a person close to you whose detail are paid to secure you would take steps to try to harm you and your family, you don't want them near you," he said.

He described the matter as very serious and irresponsible.

"You think those children went into Camp Cumuto and took up those guns and decided to walk and shoot...they were under the supervision of the highest level of security in the country. They were under the highest level...personal security in this country. They're supposed to be the cream of the crop and it ends up on some page," he said.