PNM Women’s League blames UNC for flood attack on MP Hinds

The Women’s League of the People’s National Movement says it strongly condemns the actions of those who they say sought to disrespect MP Fitzgerald Hinds and Councillor Akil Audain during their walk-through of flooded areas in Beetham Gardens on Tuesday.
The Women’s League says it is appalled that such indiscretion would be shown in a time of disaster.
They question whether those who committed the act even took the time to consider that there were some Beetham residents who genuinely required assistance.
They say those who behaved in that manner were members of the UNC whose goal is to “divide and rule”
The league wants to remind the UNC that encouraging citizens to disrespect public officials and break the law contributes to the lawlessness that has developed at all levels and adds to the criminal behaviour.
The P.N.M. Women’s League wants citizens to reflect on our watchwords (Discipline, Production and Tolerance) especially discipline. 


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