Police arrest Cubans camping outside UN building

A group of Cuban nationals who have been protesting outside the United Nations’ office in Port-of-Spain has been arrested.

The five women and four men, all of Cuban nationality were arrested just after 5.30 Wednesday afternoon and are expected to be charged with obstruction of a public passageway.

Their children who had been sleeping on the streets have been handed over the child protection unit of the Police Service.

The arrests were made during a police exercise by Port-of-Spain CID and Port-of-Spain Division officers.

The men and women are at this time detained at the Belmont Police Station and are expected to appear before a Port-of-Spain magistrate tomorrow morning.

The group has been living under a tarpaulin outside the UN office on Chancery Lane, hoping to be granted asylum in the US.

They had been warned several times about occupying the sidewalk.

The group was offered accommodations by the Living Water Community but refused to be relocated.