Police arrest man filmed in street fight

A taxi dri­ver who was video­taped strik­ing an­oth­er man with a wheel span­ner has been ar­rest­ed by po­lice and is ex­pect­ed to be charged for the of­fence.

Ainsworth Sookhan, 29, of La Ro­maine was de­tained on Tues­day and was tak­en by the po­lice to the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal to be ex­am­ined.


Pri­or to his ar­rest, Sookhan, in an in­ter­view with Guardian Me­dia, de­fend­ed his ac­tions, Sookhan said the videos, which have been shared on Face­book, made it ap­pear as though he was the ag­gres­sor al­though the oth­er man tow­ered over him.

Sookhan said he and the man, Shel­don Ham­let, 33, of Mara­bel­la, knew each oth­er, but they have bad blood stem­ming from a pri­or is­sue. Ham­let suf­fered se­ri­ous in­juries, in­clud­ing the lost of his left eye. Po­lice said Ham­let’s eye was dis­lodged from the sock­et and he re­mains ward­ed at the hos­pi­tal.

Ham­let told po­lice that he was lim­ing on Sat­ur­day night when he and Sookhan had a dis­agree­ment.

He re­port­ed an­oth­er man in­ter­vened and they be­gan fight­ing. Sookhan ran in with a wheelspan­ner and struck him sev­er­al times, in­clud­ing on his head.

Po­lice said they have not yet iden­ti­fied the third man.

Sookhan told Guardian Me­dia that around 8 pm on Sat­ur­day he was ply­ing his car for hire near the La Ro­maine taxi stand in San Fer­nan­do when he was ac­cost­ed by the Ham­let and they be­gan ar­gu­ing. In one of the videos, Ham­let was seen chas­ing Sookhan and hit­ting him on the head and face.

“He at­tack me first. He hit me about sev­en hard slap. I see stars. Like I get crazy. I see him as Go­liath,” he said. Sookhan got in­to his car and drove a short dis­tance away, but re­turned to the scene. Due to his stature, he said peo­ple of­ten poke fun at him, call him  em­bar­rass­ing names and try to take ad­van­tage of him.

“I am a midget but I not tak­ing no ad­van­tage.”

“I just trip off,” said Sookhan who grabbed a wheel span­ner from his car and be­gan hit­ting the Ham­let with it. As shown in the videos, Ham­let was struck sev­er­al times with the wheel span­ner and was still beat­en af­ter he fell on the ground.

“I am not a vi­o­lent per­son, but I don’t let peo­ple ad­van­tage me.” 

Af­ter the in­ci­dent, he went to the po­lice sta­tion where he made a re­port. Sookhan said he was ex­pe­ri­enc­ing pain on his head, face and right leg.

Reporter: Sascha Wilson



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