Police issue warning amid circulation of hundreds of nude local women on social media

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 20:00

Police are being asked to determine the source of a hack, that has caused the circulation of hundreds of nude pictures of local women to be disseminated across social media.

The photos appear to have been stolen from a pornography website, TriniPorn which features locals and transferred to social websites Tumbler and One Drive in folders called "SelfShotUniverse".

The folders contain over 500 pictures of dozens of women.

A list of close to 200 women is also being circulated, with claims that those named on the list are the women in the photos although the photos being circulated do not have names attached to them.

Most of the pictures appear to have been taken by the women themselves in mirrors using cellphones, while others appear to have had the involvement of others.

The women in the photos are either partially clothed or entirely nude. A few are suggestive photos with women dressed in lingerie.

Police are warning that the viewing and sharing of the images constitute a crime.

The Cyber Crime Unit is being asked to find the person or persons who hacked the accounts, and shared the images, causing distress to the females who are pictured.

Police believe some of the pictures may also be of persons under the age of 18.

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