Police might seek US help in tracking voice notes

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 20:00

Police are investigating the origin of the voice notes circulating, warning of threats to schools yesterday as well as threats to bomb malls over last weekend and if need be will be using the assistance of the United States in tracking the criminal/s responsible for the voice notes.

Speaking at yesterday’s media press briefing Sgt Daniel Hernandez, of the Cyber Crime Unit, said all social media platforms used in T&T were US based and through the Central Authority and the Ministry of the Attorney General requests could be made to receive information from these agencies once they fall within the remit of national security. 

Hernandez added that at this time the investigation into the threats were “ongoing” and “we have reached a particular point and hopefully the information will be relayed to you all on what has transpired.”

Also at yesterday’s briefing was public information officer, ASP Micheal Pierre, who stated that it was a crime to use a telephone to harass, cause annoyance, inconvenience and unnecessary panic to another person. These offences can carry fines between $50,000 to $100,000 and jail time of two to three years. 

Pierre added that the police yesterday put measures in place as it related to the threats made against schools in a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Education.  

Regarding the discovery of a grenade on Tuesday, Pierre said it was a major concern for the Police Service along with other weapons in the hands of the criminal elements and as such the police were monitoring all situations. 

“These reports are of interest to national security so it involves the ministry as well, not just the police, but we as the police will do everything in our power to deal with the situation in collaboration with the other agencies,” Pierre said.

Commenting on the issue of social media threats, Hernandez said there was no need for the threat to be made twice and from the same device for police to investigate and lay charges. 

He advised that any threat made via social media platforms should be reported immediately to the police. He added he was aware of a Facebook threat made against a woman and her daughter after the woman failed to respond to statements made by a man and the matter was being investigated.

In a media release yesterday, Education Minister Anthony Garcia said there were no security breaches at schools yesterday and following a meeting between Education Ministry officials and ACP Wayne Boyd, police officers were continuing their patrols of schools and a list of all secondary schools had been sent to the National Operations Centre. 

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Jensen La Vende)

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