Police officer charged with DUI

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 20:00

A police officer from the Northern Division appeared before a Chaguanas Magistrate today charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and refusing to submit to a breathalyser test.

On Friday last, Curtis Regarldo, 41, from La Pastora, Lopinot was involved in an accident on the Southern Main Road, Curepe. 

WPC Roberts responded to the scene where she noticed that Regarldo had blood-shot eyes, smelt of alcohol and had slurred speech.

Roberts asked Regarldo to submit to a breathalyser test, but he refused. Roberts attempted to arrest Regarldo, but he resisted.

Regarldo was also charged with using obscene language.

On Saturday, he was granted $500 bail at the Cunupia police station.

He appeared in court on Monday before Magistrate Wendy Ann Dougdeen-Bally. He pleaded not guilty and was granted $25,000 bail. He is to appear before the court on March 22.

According to TTPS regulations, once an officer is charged he cannot be on active duty because he is automatically suspended.

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