Police probe audio recordings warning of alleged ISIS bomb threat at malls

Monday, May 23, 2016 - 20:00

Police are currently investigating the authenticity of two audio recordings now circulating on social media, warning of a threat by ISIS operatives to detonate bombs at local shopping malls.


In the first recording directed to a What's App group, the man uses the word "batch" which is commonly used by soldiers, and makes reference of information he says came out of the camp he is in.

He goes on to refer to the camp as being close to where the Special Anti-Crime Unit of T&T (SAUTT) operated, which seems to refer to the military camp in Cumuto.

The man then says the word reaching the camp is that ISIS is planning to detonate bombs in the malls sometime between Thursday and Sunday.

He is telling those to whom the audio is directed, to warn their families and to spread the word.

In the second recording, a man's voice is heard telling a woman to stay away from the malls for the same reason.

He says he got word from his "boys from inside".

Police are in possession of the recording and are seeking to determine whether it is authentic or a hoax.

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