Police probe 'sexy ASP' photos

An investigation has been launched into images circulating online showing a woman dressed, somewhat revealing, in the uniform of an Assistant Superintendent of Police.

The images appear to have been taken in a police station in the form of selfies.

The uniform bears the name and number of ASP Michael Sooker of the North Eastern Division.

The Police Service Act, Chapter 15:01, 62 states that a person other than a police officer who without the written authority of the Commissioner, puts on or assumes the uniform designation or description of a police officer, is liable to a fine of $30,000 or three years imprisonment.

Police said in a statement: "Commissioner of Police (Ag.), Stephen Williams, has noted several photographs in circulation on social media depicting a female in a police officer’s uniform. The photographs also appear to have been taken at a police facility. Since having been made aware of the images, Commissioner Williams instructed the conduct of an immediate investigation by the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB). PSB has been given clear directions that the matter is to be treated with a level of urgency so that the appropriate action can be taken."

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