Police raid Devant's home over "bomb-threat" posts

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 08:00

Opposition activist, Devant Maharaj says police raided his home and served him a warrant to obtain his mobile phone on Tuesday, as part of ongoing investigations into the bomb threat at several schools last week.

In a statement Wednesday, the Opposition activist says three police officers assigned to the Arima police station visited his home for the operation.

He says he did not understand the reason for the warrant since he was interviewed by officers on Saturday, regarding his social media posts that publicised a photo of the email of the bomb threat.

Maharaj says that during that interview, he indicated that he was a "social media journalist who got information from the public regularly to highlight the abuse of government authority" and as such, could not divulge the identity of the source who wished to remain anonymous.

He says however, that in all other matters regarding the incident, he cooperated fully with police.

Maharaj says he was surprised that officers showed up with a search warrant at his home on Tuesday evening with a warrant for the mobile device.

He says he was informed by police that he was not the subject of the investigation but believes the information shared may assist in the investigation.