Port shuts down entire ferry fleet; back to Caribbean Airlines arrangement

The Port Authority says that in the interest of public safety, it has decided to temporarily suspend the operations of the passenger ferries until all outstanding works are completed.

The T&T Express has been the lone passenger vessel in service and has been making the crossing in approximately 4 hrs and is over-due for its statutory maintenance programme.

The T&T Spirit was expected to resume the service on March 13 however, there are still some outstanding works to be addressed, and is now expected to resume operations on or by March 22, 2018.

From 2018, March 13 only tickets for the Cabo Star will be sold.

The port says it is committed to providing this essential service and will accommodate passengers on flights from Caribbean Airlines, as previously done during the Carnival season, at no extra cost to the passenger.

At this time, passengers with confirmed tickets up to 2018 March 22 will be required to go directly to Caribbean Airlines Domestic Counter on the confirmed date of travel to check-in.

The vehicles of passengers with confirmed tickets will be accommodated on the daily sailing of the Cabo Star, and all ticket holders will be shuttled via PTSC to the Piarco International Airport and the ANR International Airport accordingly at no additional cost.


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