Rambachan tells Ag Commissioner citizens should be allowed non-lethal means of self-defence

Member of Parliament for Tabaquite Dr Surujrattan Rambachan is calling on the acting police commissioner to identify how members of the public can legally protect themselves.

In a letter to Stephen Williams, Dr Rambachan lamented the failure by the Police Service to improve safety and security throughout the country and questioned how a citizen can legally take matters into their own hands.

The Opposition MP also slammed the arms of the state which should protect citizens against criminals including politicians, law enforcement and the judiciary.

“Like it or not the institutions which should protect the citizens against the criminals are failing us. These include the judiciary which needs to engage in rapid reform something which will not happen unless there is enlightened and respected leadership. The police and the judiciary do not like to be criticized. However, the time for fear of victimization for being a critic is over,” Rambachan said.

Rambachan said citizens ought to have non-lethal means of self-protection.

He said this is beyond domestic-related incidents as it also includes attacks on citizens on their way home as well as home invasions.


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