Ramesar wants nationwide search for missing WPC

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 05:15

Police Service Social and Welfare Association general secretary, Insp Anand Ramesar, yesterday questioned why the TT Police Service (TTPS) had not mounted a nationwide search for missing WPC Nyasha Joseph.

“We are not seeing that concerted effort...that mobilisation of police officers so that we could have a profound investigation into this matter. We want some real intensified efforts into resolving this issue,” Ramesar said in a telephone interview, as the search for Joseph entered its fifth day today.

Ramesar said he had not heard from the TTPS that a special investigator or a task force had been assigned to Joseph’s case, nor had there been any word that the Anti Kidnapping or Homicide units had mounted an island-wide search.

“One of our officers is missing and we are not hearing anything by strategy and operations. We are not saying that nothing is happening, but the way this thing is going about, it is very nonchalant in terms of the perception of the membership,” he said.

“We are not getting that level of urgency and caring. Is just like another day in policing. We are not feeling that sense of human care coming from management...we are not hearing it from the Minister of National Security and the stakeholders.”

In the previous five days, Ramesar said his members had not heard from “commanders in relation to this. We need for you to come and address us...our colleagues.” In the TTPS, Ramesar said when someone goes missing for a specific time, “the investigation moves from a missing person to a homicide. We are in that realm.”

He said the association was hoping and praying for Joseph’s safe return.

Joseph, who is attached to the Morvant Police Station, was last seen by her colleagues on Thursday. A 32-year-old male friend of Joseph is assisting the police with investigations. Police have also questioned two of her colleagues in the case. Ramesar said the TTPS was viewing Joseph’s disappearance as another missing person case, but this was traumatising his members.

“They (officers) are hoping and consoling each other. A lot of people appear to be still in a daze knowing this has happened to their colleague. Their ability to focus has been diminished,” Ramesar said.

“We want to know what has happened. This is a young person with a lot of potential for the Police Service, regardless what are the circumstances. From a policing perspective the matter has to be resolved.”

Although Ramesar said he did not know Joseph personally, he said her colleagues described her as having an energetic spirit. He said police officers look out and care for one another because they share the same risks due to the nature of their jobs.

In April, Ramesar said the membership will raise the TTPS’ failure to properly search for the WPC at a general council meeting.

“People complain about police officers and their lack of effort and low performance, but it does not remove from the employer the responsibility to care for its employees.”

Calls to acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams’ cellphone were not answered yesterday.

SOURCE: www.guardian.co.tt (Shaliza Hassanali)