Rio Claro men charged with possession of $35,000 in weed

Two Rio Claro men, charged with possession of $35,000 worth in marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, are expected to appear before a Rio Claro Magistrate today.

Rohit Ramsaroop, 47, of Agostini Village Rio Claro, and Abraham Williams, 32, of Nathai Street, Rio Claro, were arrested and charged by officers of the Rio Claro Police Station, on Wednesday 25th July, 2018.

While on mobile patrol in Agostini Village, officers observed a man walking into a forested area off Muktarsingh Trace, and decided to conduct surveillance of the area.

Further investigations revealed the location of a camp, where the suspect and another man were found with 3.5 kilogrammes of marijuana.

The men were subsequently arrested and conveyed to the Rio Claro Police Station. Ramsaroop and Williams were later charged by PC Sunil Samlal of the Rio Claro Police Station.