San Fernando city workers threaten to withhold garbage collection from schools

Monday, May 16, 2016 - 00:00

Workers at the San Fernando Corporation are threatening to withhold the collection of garbage in schools across San Fernando, in protest over a decision to cut the number of casual workers hired by the corporation.

The San Fernando City Corporation announced recently that it is cutting its contingent of casual daily-paid workers by 60 for the upcoming fortnight, based on a need to cut costs.

Today workers took to Carib Street in San Fernando to protest the decision.


They called on Finance Minister Colm Imbert to provide more funding to the corporation to ensure the jobs remain secure.

The workers say they will take their protest to the San Fernando City Corporation on Wednesday and to Port-of-Spain on Thursday if their demands are not met.

They say while they intend to withhold the collection of garbage throughout the city, schools in particular will be badly affected.


Compiled by CNC3 Digital department with reporting by Ivan Toolsie.