Simba, dog that killed 6-month-old, has been put to death

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - 20:00

Simba, the mix breed dog reported to have been responsible for the recent death of a child, has been put to sleep.

The dog was brought into the T&TSPCA shelter by the Chaguanas Corporation on March 10th. 

Simba was examined by the shelter veterinarian and by a qualified behaviourist and a trainer. 

At the time, Simba was found to be “head-shy, showing fear, aggression, wary of human contact, cowering and tensing his body when touched and his behaviour is that of a very poorly socialized dog”.

On March 21st, Simba started to display signs of aggression towards the veterinarian and to members of staff who had previously worked with and interacted with him. 

His aggression escalated without any indication or provocation, and it was felt that he now posed a threat to the safety of his handlers. 

A collective decision was taken to euthanise Simba.