Six long weekends; two potential mega weekends in 2016

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 00:00

We know many of you set your sights on long weekends and given that a recent report found that this country's productivity levels need a boost, we thought we'd take a casual look at the number of long weekends available to T&T in 2016.

Officially, there are six, but that includes New Years Day 2016 (in a couple weeks time) and Christmas & Boxing Days 2016, both hardly fitting into what you usually define as a "Trini long weekend".

So we'll work with the others, AND we've found that within those, are a couple juicy little mixtures that will give some bosses major headaches - combinations that might actually turn long weekends, into mega weekends.

So let's start. Remember we have 14 holidays a year, not, and we stress, NOT including Carnival days which are not legally holidays in this country (and by Carnival days we mean Fantastic Friday too - IT IS NOT A HOLIDAY).

January 1st, 2016 is a Friday and is great for ensuring that the new year can begin with family without work on your mind. It's just a few weeks away and it's easy to view it as a 2015 holiday rather than a 2016 one.

The next are the Easter holidays on Friday March 25th and Monday March 28th. This is long weekend that has been guaranteed for many years so there's no added surprise here, except that a couple days later, Wednesday March 30th, is Shouter Baptist Day.

So it's one of those two little tricky ones as bosses will be looking closely at those who "call-in-sick" on the Tuesday (Mar 29th), thereby turning this traditional long-weekend into a mega six-day long-weekend. 

No need to wipe the mischevious grin off your face just yet, the next tricky one for the year comes with the very next set of holidays.

Corpus Christi is on Thursday May 26th. No surprise there, it's always a Thursday, but then Monday May 30th, is Indian Arrival Day, leaving the Friday after Corpus Christi, also hanging there - another day that bosses will be looking out (or NOT looking out) for those "I'm sick" calls.

From there it gets more straight-forward.

Labour Day is Sunday June 19th and with the Monday to be given as a holiday, that's the 4th long weekend.

Emancipation Day is a Monday, August 1st - long weekend number 5.

Christmas and Boxing Day fall on a Sunday and Monday respectively, bringing up the 6th long weekend.

And yes, we hear some of you saying "Not enough!", so we're throwing in some extra facts. 

There might possibly be two more long weekends.

Divali has been set for Sunday October 30th but this has to be officially confirmed, and Eid is expected to fall anywhere between July 7th (Thurs) and July 10th (Sun).

Most of you will have to count Republic Day out, as it falls on a Saturday which is already a day off for many.

14 T&T HOLIDAYS 2016

New Years Day - Friday 1st January

Easter Friday - Friday 25th March

Easter Sunday - holiday given Monday 28th March

Shouter Baptist Day - Wednesday 30th March

Corpus Christi - Thursday 26th May

Indian Arrival Day - Monday 30th May

Labour Day - Sunday 19th June


Emancipation Day - Monday 1st August 

Independence Day - Wednesday 31st August

Republic Day - Saturday 24th September

Divali - Sunday 30th October (TO BE CONFIRMED)

Christmas Day - Sunday 25th December

Boxing Day Monday 26th December


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