Student's hair burnt in prank at school

Friday, September 23, 2016 - 05:30

A mother is now seeking answers after her son’s hair was burnt during an apparent prank at the Coryal High School yesterday. 

Felicia Ragbir said two students used a cigarette lighter to burn the hair on her son Roberto Gregoire’s head. She said while her 13-year-old son, a Form Two student, suffered no major injuries, she was distraught that such an incident could occur in school.

The matter was reported to Cumuto Police Station by teachers and the two boys were taken to the Cumuto Police Station where officers took statements from them yesterday.

Police also called in all the parents but the relatives of the boys who perpetrated the act never showed up. The boys allegedly told the officers they were from single parent homes and were unable to give their fathers’ names to the police.

Speaking to the T&T Guardian yesterday, Ragbir said she received a call from the school’s vice-principal, Usha Garie, informing her that her son had been involved in an incident yesterday. She said she began to panic as so many things went through her head but was subsequently told to go to the Cumuto Police Station.

On arrival there she found her son sitting on a chair in the charge room while the other students were being questioned by two female officers.

Ragbir said some of her son’s hair was burnt but he was okay otherwise. She said the police told her the boys said it was a prank and they did not mean to harm her son. Police then asked Ragbir to go outside with her son and decide what action should be taken against the boys.

Ragbir said after speaking to her son they decided not to pursue the matter any further but she asked the police to warn the boys to stay away from her son.

The boys were then asked by police to apologise to the boy and his mother with which they complied.

Ragbir later left the station with her son but the two boys were still waiting for their parents/guardian’s arrival up to last evening.

SOURCE: (Ralph Banwarie)