Three in police custody for attempting to break into Toco ATM machine

Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 11:45

Three men are in police custody after attempting to rob a First Citizens fast service machine in Toco.

According to police, a fire alarm inside the automated teller machine went off around 2.55 am on Wednesday. 

Fire officers in Sangre Grande contacted Toco police and alerted them to what was believed to be a possible fire.

But when police officers arrived at the ATM located along the Paria Main Road, they instead found 3 men with a blow torch and pig foot attempting to cut open a safe. 

On spotting the police, the three men ran and drove off in a Silver Tiida motorcar. 

Toco police gave chase and were able to corner the men a short distance away. 

They arrested a 26-year-old man from Santa Cruz, a 30-year-old of Santa Cruz and a 32-year-old man from Valencia. 

Officers found no money on the men. 

Investigators who have worked on and solved other bank robberies across Trinidad are said to be in Toco questioning the three men. 

Acting Senior Superintendent Ajith Persad is continuing investigations.