Tiidas, B14s high among over 200 vehicles stolen this year

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 20:00

A total of 211 vehicles were either stolen or taken in robberies this year, up to March 31st.

The Police Service says Tiidas and Nissan B14 vehicles have been the most targetted vehicles.

The following is a statement from the Police Service:

"Today we wish to bring to you an update on the crimes of Larceny Motor Vehicle and Robberies of Motor Vehicles across Trinidad and Tobago.

The statistics from the Crime and Problem Analysis Branch of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service reveal that for the period January 1st to March 31st 2016, there has been a total of 163 Larceny of Motor Vehicles as compared to 178 for the corresponding period 2015, whilst for the crime of Robbery of Motor Vehicles there were 48 for the same period 2016 as opposed to 22 for the corresponding period 2015.

Whilst the collective total has shown no significant difference from 2015 to 2016, what is of concern is the 118% increase in the robberies of motor vehicles.

Nissan vehicles have stood out as the prevalent vehicle in these crime types with the Tiida being the vehicle of choice to the criminal elements with the figures being 30 and 9 for Larceny Motor Vehicle and Robbery of Motor Vehicle respectively compared to 45 and 3 for the corresponding period 2015.

The B-14 ranks second – there were 15 stolen in 2015 as against 16 so far this year.

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is appealing to owners of motor vehicles, car dealers, repair garages and drivers in general to assist us in reducing the crimes of Larceny Motor Vehicle and Robbery of Motor Vehicles.

We ask that you follow these guidelines which would make it more difficult for assailants to carry out such crimes:

Check your surroundings to increase your awareness and keep your keys in your hand as you approach your vehicle.

Lock your vehicle doors when driving and after parking.

Check the backseat and floor of your vehicle before entering to ensure that it is safe.

Park your vehicle in car parks, designated parking areas and preferably well-lighted areas. Avoid parking in lonely or remote locations.

To protect your car, use a lock bar that prohibits the use of the steering wheel.

Consider also the installation of an alarm system, ignition by-pass, or fuel shut-off switch in your car.

Place personal marks in obscure places in your vehicle for identification in case of theft.

Keep a copy of the insurance for your vehicle along with the original of your certified copy of ownership at home. These documents contain pertinent information which will assist the police in expediting our investigations.

Garage owners keep proper logs of vehicles delivered for repairs to your garage. Request from persons delivering such vehicles a copy of two forms of identification, phone contact information.

This would greatly assist the police in an investigation where necessary. If persons refuse to provide such documents this should raise a red flag.

When purchasing a used vehicle, request a history of the vehicle inclusive of the certified copy of ownership, contact numbers for the seller along with two forms of identification and place of employment. 

It is best to purchase a vehicle from a reputable dealer.

Larceny Motor Vehicles and Robbery of Motor Vehicles continue to be a concern for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and we urge the members of the public to cooperate with us in eradicating these crime types by partnering with us in bringing the perpetrators to justice."

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