Tracy hopes to mend party but Charles feels 'viciously' attacked

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 12:00

Out­go­ing Po­lit­i­cal Leader of the To­ba­go Coun­cil of the PNM, Chief Sec­re­tary Kelvin Charles said, he was de­mo­nized dur­ing the cam­paign.

Los­ing in nine out of the 13 polling sta­tions through­out To­ba­go, Charles even­tu­al­ly lost to Tra­cy David­son-Ce­les­tine by 1,108 votes. He re­ceived 2,042 votes, while David­son-Ce­les­tine re­ceived 3150 votes. Speak­ing to re­porters af­ter his de­feat on Sun­day night he said, he was per­son­al­ly at­tacked.


“My per­for­mance was not dis­cred­it­ed. In fact they stayed far from com­ment­ing on my per­for­mance, but they at­tacked me vi­cious­ly and every­body knows that, but I am hap­py that my cam­paign did not sink to their lev­el, be­cause at the end of the day, I shall con­tin­ue to hold my head high and that of my team. I did make the point, that how you cam­paign is how you would gov­ern, so let’s wait and see” Charles

In con­ced­ing de­feat he al­so said, he re­spects the voice of the peo­ple of To­ba­go

“Well of course I would be a bit dis­ap­point­ed, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. The elec­tions were free and fair and there­fore the peo­ple of the par­ty in To­ba­go has spo­ken and I have every oblig­a­tion to re­spect their voice” he said.

Mean­while, new­ly elect­ed Po­lit­i­cal Leader Tra­cy David­son-Ce­les­tine de­nied such al­le­ga­tions. She said, all is­sues would be dealt with so that the par­ty could move for­ward for the greater good.

“The thing is, this was a com­pe­ti­tion, an elec­tion and quite a num­ber of things would have been said and of course the po­si­tion was to show that each and every can­di­date is the best per­son for the job, but I am of the view that there wasn’t any­thing said that would cause an­i­mos­i­ty with­in the par­ty and I be­lieve that with­in the short­est pos­si­ble time­frame we can treat with what­ev­er is­sues we have and move for­ward to­wards the greater ob­jec­tive,”she said.

In ac­cept­ing the his­toric win as the first fe­male to Leader of the To­ba­go Coun­cil of the PNM, since it’s es­tab­lish­ment 21 years ago, David­son-Ce­les­tine Ce­les­tine said, her first or­der of busi­ness was to bring rec­on­cil­i­a­tion to the par­ty. She al­so thanked Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-An­gus and Joel Jack for their sup­port ahead of the runoff.

“As part of my man­i­festo I have a 100-day plan, mis­sion-crit­i­cal which seeks to bring to­geth­er all of the lead­ers, which seeks to bring to­geth­er all the dif­fer­ent of­fi­cers, es­pe­cial­ly those who would have lost in this elec­tion and of course to have our con­fer­ence be­tween To­ba­go east and To­ba­go west, so at least we could start the process of mend­ing what­ev­er di­vide and fill­ing what­ev­er gaps that ex­ist with­in the mem­ber­ship of the Peo­ple’s Na­tion­al Move­ment,” she said.

David­son-Ce­les­tine added this year was crit­i­cal for the par­ty, as they had both the Gen­er­al and THA elec­tions ahead, and she want­ed to en­sure that they were or­ga­nized in a par­tic­u­lar way to bring vic­to­ry to the peo­ple of To­ba­go.

Reporter: Cassandra Thomson-Forbes