Transport Ministry: No inspection sticker "crackdown" but we'll continue to enforce the law

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 07:00

The Ministry of Works and Transport is denying a crackdown by Licensing Officers on vehicles that have not been inspected according to the law.

But the Ministry says, while this is so, the law will continue to be enforced.

The following is a statement by the Ministry.

"In response to information being circulated in the public domain that the Traffic Warden Division and the Transport Division have embarked on an initiative to crackdown on vehicles that have not been inspected, the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) would like to maintain that no such action was taken.

The inspection of vehicles is in fact an ongoing process conducted by Motor Vehicle Officers throughout the year.

In light of the above, the MOWT would like to highlight the following information:

* Cabinet Minute No. 1787 of 2013 which saw the Expansion of the Traffic Warden System noted that the Traffic Warden Division is “an institutional framework for dealing with the management of traffic and providing much needed assistance to the police service” as well as “increased awareness of road safety in schools and on the roads”.

* The Traffic Warden Division and the Transport Division are both guided by the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act 48:50; however, the inspection of vehicles falls under the purview of the Motor Vehicle Officers (known as Licensing Officers) who are assigned to the Licensing Department 

* The Patrol of Traffic Wardens and Motor Vehicle Officers alongside the Police Officers is a routine occurrence that takes place throughout the year. The inspection of vehicles is not restricted to the Carnival Season.

* The fine for non-inspection or expired inspection stickers is $5000.00. 

* Private Vehicles with a manufactured date (not date of registration) of five years or older are required to have their vehicles inspected at an authorised testing station bi-annually. 

Owners of these private vehicles are required to pay a fee of $165.00

* Owners of commercial vehicles are required to have their vehicles inspected on an annual basis at the Transport Division at a cost of $300.00

* Owners of Private and Commercial Vehicles are required to submit their Certified Copies to begin the inspection process.

* All vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition at all times."