Trini held on Miami bus by customs could be deported

A Trinidad man who moved to Miami when he was 19, about 12 years ago, has been nabbed by Miami police and now faces deportation, the Miami New Times has reported.

However, Elizabeth Fernandez, spokesman for the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), the group which shared the video of the man being detained last week, has declined to identify him.

A video last week showed US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) agents hauling the man in handcuffs off a Greyhound in Fort Lauderdale, after demanding papers from passengers on the bus.

Fernandez said the man, who has no criminal record and owns a business in Miami Beach, could face persecution back in Trinidad and Tobago should he be deported. The man was taken to the Krome Detention Centre and then transferred to the Broward Transitional Centre, where he was told he could face up to a year in custody before learning his fate.

“This was just a complete shock to him. This came totally out of nowhere,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez’s group has started a petition calling for Greyhound to stop giving CPB full access to its vehicles to demand papers from its customers, and has gathered 120 signatures to date.

She said no one has been able to contact the man since he was taken into federal custody.

The New Times reported last week that federal immigration raids on Greyhounds were not a new tactic used by the CPB.

In 2011, the Miami Herald detailed a spike in arrests on the bus line in South Florida and concerns from immigration attorneys about the feds’ tactics.


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