T&T's 100 metre hurdler Deborah John stretchered off after nasty fall in heat

Trinidad and Tobago's 100 metres hurdler Deborah John was taken from the London Stadium track on a stretcher and in a head brace today, after a terrible fall in Heat 5.

John, 27, was competing in the event at the World Championships but lost her balance and clattering head-first into a hurdle.


Medical personnel rushed to John in the middle of the track.

Midway through the race, John's left leg appeared to buckle and such is the pace the sprinter was travelling, was propelled into the air and crashed straight into the fifth hurdle.

She was eventually wheeled out of the stadium and to undergo a scan to determine the extent of any damage sustained. 

John only qualified for the World Championships in the final days of July after getting into the world's top 40 on her final attempt.

We will have an update on her condition when we get it.




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