Vandals attack office of Avinash Singh, Parliamentary Secretary in Agriculture Ministry

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 20:00

Vandals have broken a window of Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Avinash Singh's office in Chaguanas.

The attack occurred either late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

A passerby noticed the broken glass this morning and contacted Singh around 9.30 am. It appears as though stones were thrown at the window.

The office is located on Montrose Road, Chaguanas.

Singh believes it was a direct attack on him, noting that the objects that broke the glass went through the the exact spot where he usually sits.

Chaguanas police are investigating.

Singh wrote on his Facebook page: "This morning I was contacted by residents of Caroni Central, only to hear that my office has been targeted and attacked. Out of all the windows, the culprit choose the exact glass where I sit. Had I been there I would be in some serious injury, thank god I was not. The police was contacted and a formal report will be made."