Venezuelan families seek help

Having endured a grueling boat ride from Tucupita to Trinidad and then several days of hiding in the forests of Palo Seco before their arrests, 17 Venezuelans have finally settled into a house at Morne Diablo, Penal.

They have limited food, a trickle of water and no medicine for their sick children.

Yet to them Trinidad is like a paradise. Compared to their homeland, there is no shortage of food here. The family gave Guardian Media an exclusive interview of their plight and their hopes for the future.

The family is renting the house for $3,000 a month.

Eumelis Ordaz was the first to arrive in Trinidad on April 7 and although she does not speak English, her comprehension of the language has landed her a job at a village restaurant.

She works long hours to pay for the rent and often she brings home food for her family.

Most of her salary goes towards rent but she is hoping that if the other Venezuelans get jobs, they too can contribute.

Among them are a university economics graduate, two high school graduate, two teachers and a sergeant with the Venezuelan army.

- by Radhica De Silva. Photo by Kristian De Silva.

We will have this full report in Saturday's Trinidad Guardian.